Nothing Asuka could do could help this from being an extremely slow and plodding match with a baffling finish. A weird tumble outside from a botched armbar led to a double count-out that leaves everyone scratching their heads. The end came when Orton countered an Anti-Venom from Edge with a low blow that followed with a punt kick for the win. Although the ending hurt the match, what preceded it was excellent as Lashley and McIntyre delivered with a series of power moves and hard strikes that continued to ramp up as the match went along. For what it’s worth, Miz and Morrison worked very well together in taking down the big powerhouse. Acaba el combate por doble conteo fuera del ring. #TheViper @RandyOrton is ending this match the same way he started it. Maybe a lot of that can be blamed on the injuries but this just didn’t work. They certainly gave this a big match feel with the late Howard Finkel on introductions, piped in crowd noise and enhanced lighting. PURE. Instead, what we got was one of the best Orton matches in years and Edge proving that he can still work a really good match., Braun Strowman def. Asuka can’t be blamed because she more than played her part with her offense. Después de un tiempo dominante por parte de Bobby Lashley aplicándole un Crossface y un Ankle Lock, el escocés lo revierte con un Kimura pero Lashley se sale de la llave. News / By admin. It seems as if Nia Jax has regressed over the past few years. Asuka retiene el Campeonato Femenino de RAW, Apollo Crews retiene el Campeonato de Estados Unidos en Backlash. La japonesa reacciona y Nia está en problemas. But this might be the worst thing the WWE has done this year. Kevin Owens joined commentary for the match while Angel Garza was with Andrade and Zelina Vega. !#WWEBacklash @RandyOrton @TripleH Esta noche WWE volverá a emitir un nuevo PPV, en esta ocasión es el turno de Backlash 2020, PPV que regresa luego de haber salido de la programación de WWE durante el 2019. If the WWE decided to really invest in women’s tag team wrestling, they could have some great matches. There were still some pretty sloppy moments that exposed Peyton Royce and Billie Kay as the greenest team in the match. It set up the ongoing narrative of Drew McIntryre powering through disadvantages and forced him to work from underneath. Luego aparece Lana y distrae Lashley y recibe un Claymore y Drew McIntyre se lleva la victoria por cuenta de tres. Edge hit a pedigree as a callback to his Evolution mentor Triple H for another near fall. Web de wrestling creada por la comunidad y para la comunidad. After weeks of the Dave & Busters decathlon of silliness, Street Profits and Viking Raiders ended up in a comedy "match: that was absolutely terrible. Luego van a ringside y Lashley sigue dominando golpeándolo contra la barra del ring. A brilliant sequence that saw Edge attempt to hit Christian’s Unprettier before Orton reversed into an RKO attempt only for Edge to hit the Edge-O-Matic for a near fall. Hopefully this loss doesn’t leads to an angle where Jeff Hardy is drinking again because he failed. "Slap him in the chest! BITE: Resultado de la Convocatoria para jóvenes artistas. The added stipulation that whoever gained the pinfall would be recognized as the WWE Universal Champion was meant to add some friction. Por lo tanto, siguen siendo las Campeonas Femeninas Tag Team de WWE. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on the outside and followed with another Brogue Kick back in the ring to pick up the victory. @MontezFordWWE @AngeloDawkins @Ivar_WWE @Erik_WWE #WWEBacklash When your #WWERaw #TagTeamChampionship Match starts off by WRECKING @BraunStrowman's ride... A continuación te dejamos todos los resultados Backlash 2020 en directo: Cartelera #WWEBacklash:Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders.McIntyre vs. Lashley. Crews and Andrade worked hard with some great spots including Andrade’s slingshot DDT and a wicked belly to belly into the corner by Crews. They teased more friction between Garza and Andrade (splitting them up is a bad idea) and this angle involving all four may not be finished yet. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Nevertheless, this was handled as well as it could be. Esta noche WWE volverá a emitir un nuevo PPV, en esta ocasión es el turno de Backlash 2020, PPV que regresa luego de haber salido de la programación de WWE durante el 2019. And it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel so contrived to deliver “The Greatest Match Ever.”. Akira Towzawa showing up in a stereotypical ninja motorcycle gang scene was the icing on the proverbial cake as the attempt to deliver something fun fell with a resounding thud. Is it GAME OVER for @EdgeRatedR? Obtenemos un segmento cinematográfico de Street Profits y Viking Raiders peleando en todo el recinto del Performance Center. BITE of Art se alegra de anunciar los nombres de los 6 jóvenes artistas que han sido seleccionados en nuestra convocatoria de propuestas. Again, the only thing that actually hurt this match was that WWE production was trying too hard to convince everyone that this was the greatest match ever. Although they may not have eclipsed some of the legendary matches in the history of professional wrestling, the duo delivered an exceptional showdown that is easily worthy of the best WWE match of 2020. Todos los resultados Backlash 2020. Empieza el combate con ambos luchadores buscando el punto débil de cada uno con varios golpes y movimientos. The WWE did Orton and Edge no favors by billing this match as The Greatest Match Ever and would have benefited by leaving people pleasantly surprised. Colaborador en TurnHeelWrestling y con muchas ganas. Empieza el combate con mucha acción entre Nikki Cross, Bayley y Billie Kay con varios golpes y movimientos hasta que cambian de relevo y se reparten golpes y movimientos hasta que Sasha Banks le aplicó un Crucifijo a Alexa Bliss y se llevan la victoria por cuenta de tres. Noticias WWE Si el vídeo te ha gustado por favor dale me gusta, comparte este vídeo con tus amigos en tus redes sociales y Suscríbete. It’s a predictable split that’s dragged on too long and should be scrapped because Banks and Bayley have great chemistry as a heel tag team. A series of reversals saw Edge finally hit an RKO on Edge but the Rated R Superstar kicked out. It had nothing to do with their talent, but everything to do with the characters they were saddled with. A double-team maneuver @ShinsukeN would appreciate.#WWEBacklash #KneeToFace @SashaBanksWWE @itsBayleyWWE Jeff Hardy consigue revertir un momento a Sheamus pero luego van a ringside y Hardy corre por la barrera de ringside e intentaba saltar sobre el irlandés pero recibe un Brogue Kick, luego suben de nuevo al ring y Sheamus le aplica otro Brogue Kick y se lleva la victoria por cuenta de tres. Luego Sheamus revierte de nuevo a Hardy y domina de nuevo sobre él con muchos golpes brutales en la esquina del ring. Este sitio web utiliza cookies. This definitely needed more time and only scratches the surface of what these two can deliver. "YOU STILL GOT IT!" Don't blame either tag team because they worked with what they had. Empieza el combate con Bobby Lashley aplicándole un Full Nelson durante mucho tiempo y domina sobre el escocés con varios golpes y movimientos brutales. "YOU STILL GOT IT!" Here are the results and match grades for WWE Backlash 2020. Los dos luchadores hicieron un montón de finishers homenajeando a leyendas como a Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, un The Three Amigos en memoria de Eddie Guerrero, un Crippler Crossface, un Angle Slam de Kurt Angle, un Killswitch por parte de Edge en su amigo Christian, un Pedigree por parte de Randy Orton en su mentor Triple H y un Rock Bottom por parte de Edge. A nice series of escapes and reversals followed with McIntyre turning a spear attempt into a kimura lock. They are going to keep this feud going and nobody really knows why. HEY! Empieza el combate con Sheamus golpeando y humillando a Jeff Hardy hasta que el Enigma Carismático bloquea un golpe y empieza golpeando sobre el irlandés. Hopefully, they find a way to keep the tag division going and give some of the underutilized women (Naomi, Bianca Belair, Shayna Bayzler) some room to shine. Estos artistas, provinientes de España, Serbia y… Convocatoria: OBRAS DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO SOCIALMENTE COMPROMETIDAS. "YOU STILL GOT IT!" A parting gift for @NiaJaxWWE...#WWERaw @WWEAsuka Orton was running low on options and attempted a punt kick but Edge nailed his foe with a pair of spears for another near fall. Aquí les dejo los resultados de backlash 2016, suscribanse, denle like y comenten, me iré lenta y sigilosamente. La campeona busca debilitar la mano de Nia en busca de un armbar. #WWEBacklash The use of Jeff Hardy’s real life issues with alcohol and substance abuse for a storyline has come off somewhat tone deaf but there was hope that this match could deliver and rinse the taste of an awful build. De esta manera, Asuka retiene el Campeonato Femenino de RAW. They just had to work a cinematic match into this PPV, didn’t they? Empieza el combate entre Braun Strowman y The Miz donde el Monstruo entre Hombres domina totalmente sobre The Miz mientras que Miz intenta huir de él hasta que se sube al ring y John Morrison le aplica un Dropkick a Strowman y luego un Suicide Dive. This was a fantastic match that suffered only from being overhyped. And we got that after a double stomp/Skull Crushing Finale nearly earned the win but Miz interrupted Morrison’s pinfall attempt. But now they are engaged in a notable feud for the United States character. Fan del wrestling desde el 2006. The added touch of McIntyre kicking out at one has also been a nice touch on his character and was worked into this match at just the right time, A PRE-EMPTIVE FULL NELSON IS LOCKED IN on @DMcIntyreWWE!#WWEBacklash @fightbobby The Miz & John Morrison (7:20), Asuka and Nia Jax ended in a double count out (8:25), Bayley & Sasha Banks def. La retadora domina a Asuka y la japonesa no consigue reponerse. It was easily the highlight of a show that underwhelmed in spots and also had what might be one of the worst "matches" of the year. This led to McIntyre pushing Lashley into Lana and hitting the Claymore Kick to ruin a perfectly good match. What it tried to manufacture simply didn’t work and we ended up with a plodding match that Sheamus dominated far too long for until Hardy finally got some offense in late. Aquí podrás encontrar todas las noticias sobre WWE, AEW, NJPW, IMPACT, NWA, ROH y muchas empresas más. HEY! It wasn’t so long ago when both Crews and Andrade appeared to be dead in the water from the creative side. And then the Lana came out and ruined the entire match with nonsense. The crowd noise was a little obnoxious considering that there weren’t that many Performance Center talents in the crowd to begin with and they overreacted to every single hip toss and arm drag as if they had never seen a wrestling match before. Además, puedes seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales para no perderte ninguna de las novedades: Twitter, Facebook, Discord, YouTube, Twitch e Instagram. Orton would have to resort to dirty tactics to pick up the win over his rival as the future of The Rated R Superstar is in question after his latest setback. "YOU STILL GOT IT!" Strowman vs. Miz & Morrison.Asuka vs. Jax.Hardy vs. Sheamus.Apollo vs. Andrade.Bayley & Banks vs. Bliss & Cross vs. Multiple times! ¡Gracias por leernos y nos leeremos mañana con Monday Night Raw! Shortly after, Edge hit a finisher from Triple H’s rival The Rock with a Rock Bottom to nearly get a three count. Here are the results and match grades for WWE Backlash 2020. A well-paced and hard-hitting match with an incredible final stretch that looked to deliver one of the best WWE matches of the year until they had to insert Lana. POWER.#WWEBacklash #WWEChampionship @fightbobby @AngelGarzaWwe @Zelina_VegaWWE BITE of Art se alegra de anunciar los nombres de los 6 jóvenes artistas que han sido seleccionados en nuestra convocatoria de propuestas. HEY! There was a car crash dive that was fun along with some nice double team spots but the right team won as Sasha Banks pinned Alexa Bliss clean to retain the titles. There was some excellent chain wrestling, familiar callbacks to past eras, some color courtesy of Orton, near falls and all of the ingredients that should deliver a great match. Enseguida, Jax se hace con el control y ataca con contundencia a la japonesa. But something about Nia Jax just isn’t clicking. El árbitro cuenta 10 y ninguna de las dos estaba dentro del dos. Acepta para continuar. What does this mean for @EdgeRatedR?#WWEBacklash "YOU STILL GOT IT!" Lashley countered a Claymore Kick with a spear for a near fall. Hopefully this is a sign for a move in that direction rather than using the tag titles as a prop for an eventual breakup of Sasha Banks and Bayley. McIntyre escaped a second full nelson attempt and hit a reverse Alabama slam for a near fall. Tras el combate, Asuka ataca a Jax antes de dirigirse a la rampa. Por lo tanto, sigue siendo el Campeón Universal. La acción se va a ringside. Unfortunately, they rammed the concept down our throat to create an unachievable high. Finalmente, termina el combate con Randy Orton aplicando un RKO pero el canadiense se salió de la cuenta a la de dos y luego le aplicó un Running Punt Kick y se lleva la victoria por cuenta de tres. Por lo tanto, Drew McIntyre retiene el Campeonato de WWE. #WWEBacklash @EdgeRatedR Lashley immediately locked in the full nelson before the match started and several referees needed to pull him off. The IIconics. It may not have been The Greatest Match Ever, but it was a damn good encounter between a pair of living legends in the WWE. BITE: Resultado de la Convocatoria para jóvenes artistas. But that shouldn’t take away from how hard these two worked. Owens hit a stunner on Garza -- who tried to interfere on Andrade’s behalf – and Crews hit his spin-out powerbomb finisher to retain the United States title. That led to Strowman powering up, nailing the running power slam on Morrison and retaining the title. That part is well deserved. But there wasn’t much to write home about here. For no reason in particular, Lana argued with the referee. Regardless, this was the best WWE match of the year. An exceptional hoss match that was utterly ruined by a nonsensical ending that could have been saved for Raw. Nia Jax golpea con violencia a Asuka contra la barricada. "@FightOwensFight offers top-notch commentary as @WWEApollo defends his #USTitle against @AndradeCienWWE on the #WWEBacklash Kickoff! These teams deserve so much better than bad scripted comedy. Comenta tu opinión en la cajita de comentarios. Braun Strowman’s title reign has been extremely underwhelming and this match was little more than a placeholder for when Bray Wyatt returns from maternity leave to continue their feud. WWE Backlash boasted what would be "The Greatest Match Ever" between Randy Orton and Edge. Además ambos campeonatos mundiales estarán en juego. Alexa Bliss & Nicki Cross and The Iiconics (8:50). @mikethemiz & @TheRealMorrison brought the fight to #UniversalChampion @BraunStrowman tonight at #WWEBacklash! Randy Orton vs. The Miz domina sobre Braun Strowman con varios golpes y movimientos hasta que le da el relevo a John Morrison que le aplica un par de movimientos y le aplica el pinfall pero The Miz le quita el pin sin saber qué estaba haciendo y luego Strowman aprovechó para golpear a Morrison y aplicarle un Running Powerslam y se lleva la victoria por cuenta de tres. For all the criticism Raw and Smackdown has received in recent weeks, this rivalry has been a bright spot both in and out of the ring. Recuerda consultar TurnHeelWrestling para estar al tanto de las últimas noticias sobre WWE, AEW y demás compañías de Pro Wrestling. La excampeona por parejas femenina de WWE intenta debilitar a “The Irresistible Force” con una especie de Yes Kicks. This match was perfectly fine for what it was as it tried to keep the action consistent between all six women. Empieza la contienda con Asuka intentando golpear las piernas de Nia Jax. Muy buenas fanáticos de la WWE, soy El Flash!!! Right in @JEFFHARDYBRAND's wheelhouse. Si quieres saber más sobre mi y mis opiniones personales, abajo tienes mi Twitter. Sheamus continuing to call back to Hardy’s alcohol issues were just too on-the-nose and brought back the reality that this match had zero heat. Kickoff: Apollo derrotó a Andrade y retuvo el Campeonato de Estados Unidos. Spinebuster por parte de Nia Jax a Asuka. Orton hit his trademark counter RKO on Edge coming off the top rope but he couldn't keep Edge down. El evento contará con varios atractivos, pero sin lugar a dudas el combate más esperado es el que enfrentará a Edge y Randy Orton en el autodenominado por WWE ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’. It would have worked perfectly fine if it didn’t feel forced.
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